The TridejaCam

Welcome to the reincarnation of the TridejaCam!

My web cam has been in service off and on since about 1999, and was offline from about 2005-2009. Since I moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2009, I thought it would be fun to get it back into action so people can see what crazy weather we're getting here.

The camera is an Axis 2100 Network Camera and was pretty unique for it's time as it is a completely self contaned server, running a version of the linux kernel, a web server, and flash disk for the operating system storage. It has a dedicated processor that handles the 100Mbps network connection, and high speed JPEG compression.

The camera also has a serial port, which I used in years past to provide webcam updates to the internet via my mobile phone with no computer in between. Of course, everyone can do this now with camera phones!

Weather Underground PWS ISASKATC4

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